Tour 6 – The Morro


1 – Morro


1 - Morro
2 – Cristo


2 - Cristo
3 – Casa Che


3 - Casa Che
4- Cañonazo


4- Cañonazo
5 – Sigaro


5 - Sigaro
6 – Escuela Militar


6 - Escuela Militar
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With this tour we will take you to a part of the city with great historical, military and cultural value. LA CABAÑA AND IL MORRO. In the first stage of the tour we will go to see the Military School, which has now become a HISTORICAL MILITARY MUSEUM, home to the Russian Arms Museum, located just before arriving in a very particular and characteristic place, the square where the statue of the CHRIST OF HAVANA.

Made in Italy by the Cuban sculptor Jilma Madera, composed of blocks of Carrara marble, it was transported to Cuba and inaugurated in 1958. Following the fall of Battista it was abandoned and reopened to the public only in the nineties.

Next to the state is the HOUSE OF CHE (Comandancia Che Guevara), now used as a museum, which was Che’s first place of accommodation in 1959, during his expedition to Havana. Inside you will find numerous personal items of the commander and many unpublished photographs.

We will then enter the first of the two fortresses guarding the city, the FORTALEZA DE LA CABAÑA, where you can admire the oldest bottle of RUM in the world, with more than 100 years and the LONGEST CIGAR IN THE WORLD, by José Castelar, called Cueto, at his fifth record, who made it for Fidel Castro’s 90th birthday and measures more than 80 meters in length.

We will then arrive at MORRO, the castle of HAVANA, whose full name is CASTLE OF THE THREE MAGI DEL MORRO (in Spanish “Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos del Morro). It is a strategic Spanish fortress from the colonial period, built in 1763 from a project of 1586 by the Italian Battista Antonelli to defend the city given the continuous British incursions of the period, it is a symbol of the city, and thanks also to the majestic lighthouse it is visible from almost the entire Habanero promenade.

The tour ends in the evening, when we return to the fortress of the Cabaña, where at 9 pm, the famous CAÑONAZO ceremony is celebrated every evening, in which actors disguised as soldiers in 18th century uniforms recreate the cannon shot over the port of L ‘Havana, which represented the closure of the city gates.